Thumb National Bank and Trust Company

ATM & MasterMoney Card

Thumb National’s ATM/MasterMoney Card functions as your ATM card, giving you access to ATM’s worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your card can also be used to pay for purchases quickly and conveniently at merchants throughout the nation displaying the Cirrus, Pulse or MasterCard logo. To apply for an ATM /MasterMoney card please call or write your local Thumb National Bank & Trust Co. branch or e-mail us at:


You may use your ATM/MasterMoney Card at any Thumb National ATM locations or worldwide at any ATM displaying the Pulse or Cirrus symbol. By inserting your card and your personal identification number you can accomplish any of the following transactions:

  • Withdraw funds in cash from your savings or checking account.
  • Deposit funds in any amount to your savings or checking account. (Thumb National ATM's only).
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Make payments to any Thumb National loan account (Thumb National ATM's only).

Point-Of-Sale Purchases 

Your ATM/Mastermoney Card can be used just like cash or a check to pay for purchases at merchants worldwide. Simply present your card as payment wherever you see the Cirrus, Pulse or MasterCard logo. The amount of your purchase will be electronically deducted from your checking account. No building up a credit card balance. No worrying about carrying cash.

Fraudulent Debit Card Transactions

If you have been contacted by our fraud prevention department or have fraudulent debit card activity on your account please call the bank immediately. During regular business hours please call 1-866-TNB-3113. After hours, please call 1-800-262-2024. Please be advised that Thumb National Bank does have a debit card fraud prevention service that is a computer voice response unit. This service is designed to call customers whenever there is a question of potentially fraudulent activity on a particular card.  

Please use common sense when using your ATM or MasterMoney Card - never share your PIN number and beware of ATM Scams.